If you don’t know what shore you are sailing toward,
you won’t know how to set the sail.

Moving through pain and forging a more comfortable path forward can feel like an overwhelming challenge without a trusted other to share the journey, especially during difficult passages and life transitions. I work with individuals, couples, parents, families and adolescents who want to feel better and live more authentically. I help my clients change their painful or unhealthy life circumstances, reduce their anxiety, depression and fear, and learn healthy self-soothing behaviors so they are better equipped to experience greater joy.

In our sessions we will identify ways your life experiences continue to influence your behaviors, choices, and mind-set. We will creatively find ways for you to safely grieve the past in order to live more fully in the present.  I'll help you discover your unique strengths and resiliency so that you can navigate life's challenges and move toward your dreams.  If you have questions or would like to discuss how therapy can help, please call me at: 310-796-9196 or you can email me at: Linda@LindaReevesTherapy.com

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