Couples & Parent Therapy

Relationship is surely the mirror in which you discover yourself.  -Jidda Krishnamurti


Whether your situation is one that is leaving you and your partner feeling out of balance or distant, or perhaps in the midst of a revelation or traumatic experience or transition, therapy can provide a safe space to examine the issues, heal the wounds, and learn healthier ways of being in relationship and honoring your shared goals.

Learning how to value the relationship as a distinct entity is an important component of our work. Eliminating blame, shame, and defensive statures will help enable intimacy and it’s healing powers to have a central place in the relationship. 

Parenting is one of the most difficult and fulfilling experiences humans will face.  Taking time to examine how one engages in their parent role is an admirable, yet daunting task.  In our work we will strive to discover what's working and what's not and set you on a course for creating healthier dynamics between you, your children, and your partner or spouse.